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Accelerating Your Success

Accelerating Your Success in the Fast Lane

The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), the company's global consultancy, helps CXOs from the world's largest public and private-sector organizations solve their most pressing challenges. By combining strategy, process, technology, and innovation, Cisco IBSG industry experts work with customers to take their visionary ideas from concept to reality. We achieve this by designing innovative business processes and then integrating them with advanced technologies to develop strategic roadmaps that optimize business results and increase efficiency.

We draw on a unique combination of extensive industry experience, business acumen, and technical knowledge to advise many of the world's leading organizations on how to achieve their strategic objectives. We welcome you to visit the Cisco IBSG website to learn how your business or organization can benefit from our proven thought leadership.

The Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) comprises more than 200 industry experts and business strategists who have deep experience in 10 global industry sectors.

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Imagine the Possibilities

IBSG predicts that a technology avalanche will change the way we work, live, play, and learn

The Future of Television

Sweeping Change at Breakneck Speed. 10 Reasons You Won't Recognize Your Television in the Not-Too-Distant Future.

GE Taps Cisco ACR for Teamwork: Key GE Benefits: More Efficiency, Less Design Time

Cisco IBSG works with GE to help develop virtual collaboration spaces.


Thought Leadership

The Future of Television

Sweeping Change at Breakneck Speed. 10 Reasons You Won't Recognize Your Television in the Not-Too-Distant Future.

The Shift to Cloud Computing: Forget the Technology: It's About Economics

While attention has been focused on the technology of cloud computing, the technology is tested and ready. The real story about cloud is its compelling economic advantages.

Active Collaboration Room: Transforming Business Models by Accelerating Distributed Team Performance

Cisco solution, the Active Collaboration Room (ACR), combines Cisco TelePresence with collaboration components to improve team productivity enabling a transformational business model

"Network Service Providers as Cloud Providers: Survey Shows Cloud Provision is a Bright Option"

Cisco IBSG recently conducted in-depth interviews with more than 80 enterprise IT decision makers and 20 subject-matter experts to learn more about the desire of enterprises to use external, on-demand infrastructure and applications.

The Next Growth Opportunity for Banks: How the Post-Crisis Financial Needs of Younger Consumers Will Transform Retail Banking Services

This survey results clearly show that the rise of younger generations will have a profound impact on retail banking, providing the next opportunity for revenue growth.

Accelerate Retail Business Results with Technology-Enabled Private Label Capabilities

This two-phase maturity model allows retailers to employ a range of technologies to improve their private label initiatives.

Collaboration Technology Aids Tesco's Worldwide Expansion

Britain's largest retailer turns to Cisco to improve its international operations with TelePresence and WebEx

Making Tomorrow's Healthcare Systems Fit for an Aging Society

This paper sets the stage for a wider debate regarding the convergence of health- and social-care organizations to become more patient-centric in supporting our aging societies.

Using the Power of Networking and Video To Disrupt the Community Violence Epidemic

The Cure Violence program help participants change thinking about violent behavior on a global scale.

Airline of the Future: Smart Mobility Strategies that Will Transform the Industry

Explores strategies that will enable airlines to harness the power of mobility to create new levels of customer experience and operational efficiencies

Cisco's 25th Anniversary: Top 25 Technology Predictions

As part of Cisco's 25th Anniversary celebration, IBSG' s Chief Futurist, Dave Evans looks at technology trends over the next 25 years.

Who We Are

Who We Are

IBSG helps Global Fortune 500 companies and leading public organizations turn their technology investments into strategic assets that increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue sources.

What We Do

What We Do

IBSG experts are here to help companies of all sizes become more competitive through technology deployment, and through effective business processes.

How We Think

How We Think

IBSG addresses customer concerns and solves customer issues on a global scale through original thought and action.

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